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To better understand how transition metals and f-elements can work together as part of chemical transformations.

electron transfer


33. “Isolation and characterization of a californium metallocene” Conrad A. P. Goodwin, Jing Su, Lauren M. Stevens, Frankie D. White, Nickolas H. Anderson, John D. Auxier II, Thomas E. Albrecht-Schönzart, Enrique R. Batista, Sasha F. Briscoe, Justin N. Cross, William J. Evans, Alyssa N. Gaiser, Andrew J. Gaunt, Michael R. James, Michael T. Janicke, Tener F. Jenkins, Zachary R. Jones, Stosh A. Kozimor, Brian L. Scott, Joseph. M. Sperling, Justin C. Wedal, Cory J. Windorff, Ping Yang, and Joseph W. Ziller, Nature, 2021, 599, 421–424. DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-04027-8

32.*† “Synthesis, characterization, and theoretical analysis of plutonyl phosphine oxide complexes” Cory J. Windorff,* Maria J. Beltrán-Leiva, Thomas E. Albrecht-Schönzart, Zhuanling Bai, Cristian Celis-Barros, Conrad A. P. Goodwin, Zachary Huffman, Noah C. McKinnon, and Joseph M. Sperling, Dalton Transactions, 2021, 50, 14537–14541. DOI: 10.1039/D1DT03041H

*As corresponding author


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Dr. Cory Windorff


Dr. Cory Windorff

Cory Windorff was born and raised outside Milwaukee, WI. For a couple years following high school he worked as an industrial electrician. He then enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, a small public Liberal Arts school. In 2012 he obtained his BS degree in Chemistry and German, minoring in Math. Cory then went on to graduate studies with Professor William J. Evans at the University of California-Irvine, where he studied the low valent organometallic chemistry of uranium. During graduate school Cory was awarded a fellowship from the Department of Energy to study low valent organoplutonium chemistry at Los Alamos National Lab with Dr. Stosh Kozimor and Dr. Andrew Gaunt. He defended his PhD in 2017, going onto postdoctoral studies with Professor Thomas Albrecht-Schönzart at Florida State University from 2017-2020. At FSU, Dr. Windorff studied the structural chemistry of plutonium phosphine oxide complexes. From April-June 2020 Dr. Windorff was a post -doctoral researcher with Professor Henry La Pierre at the Georgia Institute of Technology, helping to set up radiochemical facilities. In August of 2020 Professor Windorff joined the faculty at New Mexico State University. At NMSU Professor Windorff and his research team study the coordination chemistry of uranium, and the lanthanides.


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